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Our ornamental fencing is perfect to make your home, yard, and pool more beautiful! Ornamental fencing can also help improve the look and value of your home. We offer a variety of ornamental styles in two different products: aluminum ornamental (does not rust and comes in various colors) and steel ornamental (heavier, more strong and comes in many colors). Our many classic styles give your home security and elegance!

Aluminum Ornamental

Aluminum fences offer the exquisiteness and security of traditional wrought iron fencing without the maintenance. They are available in an extensive selection of colors, styles and heights that add elegance and value to any property.

Ornamental Steel

This graceful fence will enhance the appeal of any property. There are many styles, colors, heights, and ways to use steel fencing. A small steel fence on top of a stucco wall can help beautify your yard while helping it become more secure. Whatever the use, a steel fence will add sophistication and style to your home or yard. The steel ornamental fence is available in several different styles and has a 20 year warranty. Steel fence is not screwed together as is aluminum.

Steel Gates

We can make numerous styles of metal gates.